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Stage Backdrops & Mandap For An Intimate Wedding

Even If you’re having an intimate wedding, then you might not want a full blown mandap or stage to do the honours- you’d want something light, simple yet elegant to say your ‘I Do’s’ with simplicity, but fancy enough to make the photos look elegant and wedding-like. So we have some stage decoration ideas for weddings here for you to consider, some which can be easily setup, some which can be DIYed- like simple stage decoration at home, and some which can even work for an apartment or a backyard

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Kalp Taru Mangalik of all the basic skills own a high number of skill within itself starting from being dedicated to client services. We are always planning event s up to their expectation. We also have organizational skill which is a half must in arena of events. Also we offer our clients with Creative skills I.e. each of the product and services we offer are highly to be liked by our client due to its uniqueness. And most important of all we have adaptability skills which led us to adapt according to situation , needs and desires of our client and making their event a huge success.


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