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10 Types of Colombian Men You Will Bundle with in Bogota

10 Types of Colombian Men You Will Bundle with in Bogota

This article are inspired in different reports about company who’ve outdated Colombian guys staying in Bogota while having come to me looking for advices or to news around. Dear audience, per all these tales is truth that Colombian guys are particularly unique and encourage love to people from other countries, are particularly gentlemen and sweet. Perhaps you will understand why right here the danger was planning to stay… With a Colombian kid.

Below I resume the 10 types of colombian guys you might find if you are available trying to find a nearby complete knowledge whether you are working for a social volunteering, in private-enterprise or simply just taking a trip around:

1. “Los Barristas” (The Football Fanatics). You can expect to acknowledge them since they are always utilizing a nearby team jersey. Their particular earliest focus is exactly how to get a ticket for next games, they’re going to endured you up for sure should you set a date exactly the same day’s the fit! Picture once the national staff performs … Their unique fascination with soccer is so big which they actually name their own sons with well-known colombian people’ brands, for example “James Danilo” or “Falcao Jair” or straightforward “James Falcao”. Very once you accept currently or get married this 1, recognize in addition your personal future kid’s name.

2. “El pinta” (the great browsing guy) In simple phrase: papasito! The extremely manner, one that never ever dress in the wrong method because they are constantly in! their locks slashed, fine companies and gorgeous look. Usually smells great. He can flirt right away and serbian women dating sites say pretty things like the look, your own pretty face, the manner in which you check out him… Ain’t best that you date a “papirriqui”? (delicious guy).

3. “El Mamerto o Hippie” (The radicals). They love to be engaged with social causes, are often concerned about the world, the creatures, the worldwide warming, the personal improvement an such like. Good part: they have been superconscious, I think that is close, but in extra could be additionally frustrating in case you are reading complains about every thing constantly. If you have belief in his combat, prepare yourself becoming inside the house in a protest over Seventh Avenue (Avenida Septima) in Bogota!

4. “El Amarrado” (The Stingy). He or she is usually evaluating the buying price of everything. If you’re thinking to date that one, you need to be diligent but don’t take your for shops! That will be disappointing, you can be with practically nothing in your hands because “everything is expensive and doesn’t worth”. He is watching every quick detail regarding funds. He’ll even ask you to divide the balance at the birthday, and/or bad, you can be buying you both. He doesn’t matter about other’s funds, simply his.

5. “La mole” (the gymnasium enthusiast). Is very precious revealing their remarkable six-pack. Is certainly not as well usual to see him during the avenue, however if you will get the opportunity to read one will strike the mind! What’s his everyday concern? How to be fit (keep are healthy!) and healthier. What’s their focus? Never to meet or exceed the 1268 calories each day! Day among this and commence reducing your weight! PS: he will probably push you to awake for running very early in the morning.

6. “El Intenso” (The Extreme Chap). Here in Colombia you will find this guy this is certainly especially amusing. What’s taking place with him? He is just enthusiastic about your. He can identify you-all time longer with his disposition is determined by that, therefore don’t a bit surpised if you bump into this guy who’s constantly worried about your. What’s their issue? “No signal” alerts on his telephone!! get ready to own an unannounced browse with plants, chocolates and teddies. Guess what? The guy won’t stop trying.

7. “El Marrano” (The One Millon dollars guy). This is the guy who’s happy to provide whatever you inquire about, actually speaing frankly about of intangible items. He’s high in debts along with cost of make payment on food, movies, merchandise, every little thing. After you date this “Marrano”, you’ll forget about you should bring your wallet. Exactly how people will name you? One That “Marranea”.

8. “El Perro” (The Flirtatious Man – “The Dog”). They are the one which will make you fall in prefer when you have a look at his lip area, an unique energy in the throat. Every time the guy opens his mouth girls cannot end. Is extremely amusing, awesome easygoing, is brilliant on your way he communicates with females. What’s his issue? Not one, he’ll get just what he desires. What’s your own? “Does he love me or is it a passenger love”?

9. “El Picado” (The Show-off). Here is the common chap who is usually wanting to inspire other people by showing the pretty products the guy posses. The guy shimmers the manufacturer he makes use of or perhaps the trips he really does. Whenever matchmaking, is interesting to open up your industry right up for brand new things but in the course of time you’re going to get annoyed should you don’t express his love about showing-off or “flying” above the rest.

10. “El Gordito” (The Chubby Chap). They are a cool man. Is obviously selecting new things to eat and his awesome life circles new delicacies experiences. Are you an adventurous woman and love Colombia? Date he, (my personal advise), a Colombian edibles fan, one that won’t deny you brand-new foodie knowledge and of course another world into unidentified restaurants and dinners parading’s. He is quite often in a disposition and try to end up being optimistic about lives. What’s his issue? “What’s brand-new for now?”. What’s your own? “Jesus, i really like your but i need to finish up eating like him!!”.

Notice! When considering date a latin american guy, Colombians are the most useful, they have been funny, amusing, and understand completely how-to fool a woman (in a good way: make certain they are fall-in really love), these include compassionate, nice, attentive, romantic… quite simply a fantastic latin lovers!

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